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We Take Our Time And Work Twice As Fast...

A bit about us... As Unlimited State Certified Electrical Contractors, our business is a special one.  As electricians, we are consistently faced with keeping pace to ensure we are always prepared for the latest changes in our national electrical code and in technology.  As we move forward, it is our job to create safe working spaces while maintaining efficient systems in order to keep our clients on schedule and minimize downtime.  With Hot Shot Electric, it will be the customer service and finished product, not the razzle-dazzle that will prove you made the right decision when hiring us... 

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Dedicated To Service...

With more than two decades in the electrical service industry, we have learned to keep our customers satisfied and to never underestimate the value of lasting relationships.  Our staff is known to go above and well beyond our customers expectations and to always be there when called upon. We keep our word and we understand that you are counting on us to deliver.  Your projects, whether large or small will always receive the attention they deserve...Guaranteed!  



We will be there for you, your family and your business because we work for you.  

Simply put, we wont stop until our customers are satisfied. All of our work is to be free of installer defects...period.  We do not cut corners and we stand behind our work with full confidence, hence our company name.  Our technicians love what they do and we ONLY do it the right way.  Hot Shot Electric LLC. will guarantee that every single installation and all service is performed with the utmost care and in accordance with state and local codes or we will make the change free of charge.  We encourage you to put our Hot Shots to the test!